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modenapuntoeu network

modenapuntoeu is a network created by the City of Modena, together with the Province of Modena. It was launched in 2008 with the aim of spreading knowledge and expertise on the European Union among local authorities, to allow them to start a dialogue with Europe and seize opportunities provided by the European Union.


modenapuntoeu offers different services tailored to meet specific demands:

  • informative meetings and workshops on EU funding opportunities;

  • a weekly online newsletter;

  • help desk Bureau of European Affairs – guidance meetings about organizational set-ups which are appropriate to take part continuosly in activities with European Institutions;

  • Help desk EU Citizenship – informative meetings on activities addressed to citizens, young people, schools.


Membership is free. However, it is required to sign an expression of interest and the designation of an internal contact person.

How to join the network
As in the past, in order to ensure an optimal relationship between local authorities and the coordination of modenapuntoeu network, it is necessary that each public body concerned to be pat of it should indicate an internal contact person. This contact person will be involved in the activities of the network and will be responsible to spread in its own administration the information, knowledge and opportunities.
To formalize this subscription, it simply requires to fill and send an expression of interest.
For information and contacts