SCORES - Develop abilities and competences for employment

SCORES is a project focused on the promotion of education in and through sport, with particular attention to the abilities development and to the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Dual Career of Athletes’ (fair play and sport cooperation).

The project aims at: supporting European young athletes in their dual career; increasing their employment opportunities (before, during and after the retirement transition); providing them support to prepare for careers outside the sport field and promoting the recognition of informal education acquired during their sport career (fair play, resilience, honesty, confidence, awareness towards diversity, team building, implementation of collaboration, etc.)

 In particular, in the frame of SCORES, project partners want to:

- understand which values, competences and skills are transmitted by each sport;

 - develop a programme in order to improve and promote a better use of athletes’ abilities; this includes the recognition and the validation of non-formal and informal education acquired, i.e. the education not based on an objective and certificated system;

- increase the awareness of coaches/mentors/trainers and other members of sport staff in favour of their professional growth and of their better ability in training athletes and promote their role and their training in the frame of Dual Career;

- trigger and encourage the constitution of a network among sport associations and labour market organisations, educational centres and other stakeholders, in order to share knowledge and best practices for athletes’ careers promotion.

 Partners play a key role in contributing to European Union priorities in this field, i.e. the promotion of the social and educational aspects of European sports. In this way, the project integrates and enriches the EU Guidelines on DC of Athletes (2012) and contributes to the achievement of the goal of paying more attention to employment and labour market, as underlined by the EU Work Plan for Sport 2014-2017. Moreover, the project promotes a more flexible educational system that recognises and validates informal learning.

Application Date


Funding Body

European Commission




Club Natació di Banyoles (Spain)


Italy: City of Modena

Spain: Sport Association Sant Cugat Creix

Finland: Tampere Sports Academy

Bulgaria: Levski Sport for All of Sofia

Belgium: EPSI (European Platform for Sport Innovation)

Netherlands: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


30 months