From 23 June to 18 September 2016, at Galleria Civica di Modena, Palazzina dei Giardini

From 24 June to 18 September 2016, the Galleria Civica di Modena, in its Palazzina dei Giardini venue, will host an exhibition investigating the phenomenon of urban art.

The exhibition, entitled 1984. Evoluzione e rigenerazione del writing, curated by Pietro Rivasi, produced with support from the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena, in collaboration with the art library Biblioteca Civica d’Arte Luigi Poletti in Modena, will provide a panorama of the multifaceted evolutions of street art, focusing on some of its most significant exponents, such as Taps & Moses™, Olivier Kosta-Thefaine and the PAL Crew, groups that are laying down the future aesthetic and theoretical bases of this form of expression.

Modena draws on a solid tradition linked to street art, dating back to 1981 with the arrival in the town of Jean-Michel Basquiat for his one-man show at the Emilio Mazzoli Gallery, and which then continued thanks to the activities of Icone, the Giorgio De Mitri Foundation and the galleries Avia Pervia and D406. The Biblioteca Civica d’Arte Luigi Poletti also lays claim to one of the largest collections on a national level of the documentation of writing and street art.

The exhibition will give great importance to the most controversial aspect of street art: “non-commissioned interventions” in public spaces. Thanks to a strong presence of photographic materials and video, the spectator will be literally projected into the reality experienced by the artists themselves.

The exhibition will show how writers have adapted to society and the contemporary era: while some have sought renewal in terms of language and codes, others have transferred their street experience to more classic art forms, destined to institutional galleries and spaces, while yet others have obstinately continued in the original spirit of the New York pioneers.

The exhibition itinerary is made up of two sections: in the first, the more strictly documentary aspect will be explored with photos, videos and installations by Zelle Asphaltkultur, Moses & Taps™, BB'S, Fra32, Sauli Sirviö. Works of particular interest include Never going home, the film telling of the stray existence of Utah and Ether, two international writing jet setters, during a trip to Japan, and a video installation entitled Writers’ Bench curated by Spraytrains.com.

The documentation material plays a key role in retracing the history of non-commissioned urban interventions, ephemeral by nature due to their exposure to the weather, attempts at removal perpetrated by authorities, and the interventions of other artists modifying existing works.

The retrieval and study of these materials, largely paper-based, is therefore an indispensable tool with which to understand the path of now established artists who began their careers by tagging walls, and it is also fundamental for the sake of clarifying the differences between writing, street art and muralism.

The second section will feature works by Francesco Barbieri, Egs and the PAL Crew represented by Cony, Horfee, Saeio, from both public and private collections, as well as works produced especially for the Palazzina dei Giardini by Olivier Kosta-Thefaine and Matteo Ceretto Castigliano/CT.

The title of the exhibition evokes that of the novel by George Orwell, 1984, published in 1949, which represented for the readers of its day the date of a distant and disturbing future. “Today, that premonition of global control – states Pietro Rivasi – has become reality, and 1984 is 32 years down the line, those same years that separate us from the publication of Subway Art, the book that more than any other was responsible for the explosion of writing throughout Europe and the world, and the exhibition Arte di Frontiera, in nearby Bologna, which through a prominent institutional platform, brought to Italy the leading New York writers of that era.”

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue of which the layout and print are curated by Luca Lattuga of Anonima Impressori in Bologna, featuring the works on show and the texts by the exhibition curator, by Jacob Kimvall, Jens Besser and Pierpaolo Ascari.

On the occasion of the opening (Monday 23 June), a DJ set will offered starting at 7 pm by Museek, the Modenese label which lays claim to numerous collaborations with the world of writing and street art.


home page photo: Zelle Asphaltkultur, re/collection (boom), 2016, collage (detail). Courtesy of the artists

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Periodo 23/06/2016 al
Sede Palazzo Santa Margherita
Inaugurazione Thursday 23 June, 6 pm with DJ set from 7 pm onwards
A cura di Pietro Rivasi
Organizzazione e produzione

Galleria Civica di Modena, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena
in collaboration with: Biblioteca Civica d’Arte Luigi Poletti, Modena
thanks to: spraytrains.com

Preview per la stampa Wednesday 22 June, 11 am

Thursday-Sunday 7 pm – 11 pm; closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
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Friday 16 September 9 am – 11 pm;
Saturday 17 September 9 am – 1 am;
Sunday 18 September 9 am – 8 pm

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