According to Art. 3 of the Call for Candidates, applicants must

  1. submit the application form [doc];
  2. attach a copy of a valid identification document;
  3. enclose a European-format CV, duly signed and dated;
  4. enclose a cover letter (maximum 2000 characters, spaces included), which will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee


Please note that the failure to submit or fill in the form in all its parts shall result in the automatic exclusion from the selection.

According to the Italian law (DPR. 445/2000), the evaluation commission may check the truth of substitute declarations.

The deadline to submit application documents is 12 pm (Noon, Italian time) on Friday April 28th 2017.

Application documents can be delivered:

  • by hand or by mail, in a closed envelope stating “Richiesta di ammissione alla Summer School Renzo Imbeni 2017” and the name of the sender, to COMUNE DI MODENA - PROTOCOLLO GENERALE - VIA SCUDARI 20 - 41121 MODENA. The Modena City Hall is open at the following hours: Monday and Thursday 8.30 am - 1.00 pm and 2.30 - 6.00 pm; Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9.30 am – 1.00 pm;
  • by e-mail to the Certified E-mail (PEC) . This address can be used from both an ordinary e-mail address and a certified e-mail address. The above mentioned documents must be scanned and attached to the e-mail message in a .pdf format, duly signed where required.


Sending the application is at the sole responsibility of the sender.

Applications arriving after the deadline will not be considered, and will be automatically excluded from the evaluation process. Delays in postal delivery will not be considered.

The deadline is peremptory: the only exclusive proof of arrival time will be the reception stamp of the City of Modena’s General Protocol Department, or the date and time of e-mail reception at the e-mail address indicated above.