When is the next edition scheduled?

The next edition, the sixth, will take place in Modena in September 2020 from Monday 7th to Saturday 12th.


Where will the lessons take place?

According to what mentioned in the program that is currently being defined, the lessons will take place in the following locations:

Sala del Consiglio Comunale, Palazzo Comunale - 1st Floor - Piazza Grande, 16 41121 Modena

Fondazione Collegio San Carlo Via San Carlo, 5 41121 Modena


How can I access the available teaching materials?

The course material shared by the speakers will be available for registered students and can be downloaded from the School's website.


What does the assignment of one of the 30 student slots involve?

As mentioned in the Call for candidates, students coming from Universities other than Modena and Reggio Emilia will benefit a free stay in a central location, which is functional to the school's activities. All students are offered food for the days of the course. The travel expenses that the students will have to sustain in order to reach Modena and for any further trips remain at their own expense.


I am one of the 30 students selected: where are the accommodation and canteen?

Accommodation and canteen service are available free of charge for students of the Summer School at Collegio San Carlo, Via San Geminiano, 5 in Modena from Monday 7th to Saturday 12th September 2020.

Lunches and dinners are also offered to selected students who are not staying at Collegio San Carlo.

All details regarding check-in and registration at the facility will be provided to students directly by the school secretariat.


How far from each other are the classes, accommodations and the main points of interest in the city?

All places of interest in the city and the Summer School are within walking distance. 


Can I attend the school's activities even if I am not among the 30 students?

Yes, the school's activities are open to the public and you can access all sessions as an auditor.

If you are not in Modena, you can still be updated through the School's social channels, using the hashtag #SSRI2020


How are internship grants at the European Parliament regulated?

Internships are awarded in accordance with the "Internal rules on traineeships and study visits to the Secretariat of the European Parliament" [pdf] and, as stated in Article 7 of the Call for candidates: "Interns benefiting from other scholarships or mobility under European Union programs in conjunction with the traineeship period at the European Parliament will be excluded from the grant".


Is it possible for all students to apply for scholarships?

As stated in Art. 7 of the Call for candidates, "Students admitted to the School are required to participate in at least 90% of the hours of teaching activity, under penalty of exclusion from the exam for the award of internship grants".


Is it sufficient, to participate, to have achieved a Bachelor's degree?

According to art. 2 of Call for candidates, in order to participate in the selection of the 30 trainees it is mandatory to have obtained a master's degree (or specialist or equivalent), therefore the three-year degree is not a sufficient requirement.


When does the selection notice expire?

The application form must be delivered, together with the required documentation, by noon on May 11, 2020.


I have problems sending the application to the PEC address indicated in the call for candidates. What should I do?

The correct Certified E-Mail address to which you can send the application is progettoeuropa@cert.comune.modena.it, without the point between "progetto" and "europa". This address must be used for both certified mailings and ordinary mailings.

Alternatively, the application can be delivered by hand or sent by post, as specified in art. 4 of the call for candidates.


Do I need to submit the application in both Italian and English?

No, each candidate - also of Italian nationality and mother tongue - may decide which of the two languages to use in the documents to be sent. It is possible to submit one of the documents in the other language.


How long must the letter of motivation be?

The length limit for the motivation letter is indicated in 2000 characters, including spaces.


After the publication of the ranking for the admission to the Renzo Imbeni Summer School, do I have to communicate my participation?

Yes, each candidate must notify us within 48 hours of publication, via e-mail, the confirmation of his/her participation, otherwise he/she will be excluded from the school.


Does the registration fee of 150 euros have to be paid after the confirmation of participation?

Yes, according to the procedures indicated in Art. 6 of the Call for candidates, once the participation has been confirmed, the candidates admitted to the school are required to send via Certified Electronic Mail their receipt of payment within one week from the publication of the ranking. Otherwise, their admission will be rejected.