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Renzo Imbeni, Vice-president of the European Parliament from 1994 to 2004, was a caring and active interlocutor within the organisation of awareness campaigns and dealing with European Union issues addressing young people and schools in Modena.

Every time he took the floor he stressed the importance of involving the citizens and civil society in the integration process of the European Union to bridge the democracy gap exacerbating the citizens’ indifference and scepticism, as well as the importance of the concept of European citizenship, not to be considered as something weakening one’s own local, regional and national identity, but as a new opportunity to enrich one’s social, religious and individual culture.

“Being together while maintaining differences. Being European does not mean that differences are eradicated: rather, it means that only a wider space - the European space - allows such differences to create a social and cultural heritage available to all. Thus, we must look to the future with confidence."
Renzo Imbeni, MEP
Lisbon, March 2000

The City of Modena, his birthplace, wishes to pay tribute to his memory by giving young students who are about to complete or have just completed their University curricula the opportunity to gain insight into the European Union and its democratic consolidation process, by establishing the Renzo Imbeni Summer School. Thanks to several contributions, it aims at providing an overview of the current state of the integration in the various sectors which see the involvement of the European Union, in the light of both their political and legal-institutional aspects.  Participants have the opportunity to meet high-profile figures from the worlds of politics and institutions, from the academic field, from important European think tanks and from varied expressions of civil society, thus allowing the Courses to harmonise theoretical foundations with practical applications.

The course is developed in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and Fondazione Collegio San Carlo, in partnership with the Centre for Research and Documentation on the European Union , the Europe Direct Centre of Modena, the “Marco Biagi” Department of Economics, the Department of Law and Department of Linguistic and Cultural Studies of the local University.

During 6th edition, Summer School Renzo Imbeni may avail itself of the scientific partnership regarding the Italian Council of the European Movement,  the Center of Studies on Federalism and the Institute of International Affairs. 

The actual edition of this course is held  under the high patronage of the European Parliament, with the patronage of the European Representative Commission in Italy, the patronage of Foreign Affairs, of International Cooperation and the patronage of Emilia-Romagna Region.

A Scientific Committee was created including several representatives from the institutions collaborating in the project and the Imbeni family to act as guarantors and provide guidance within the activities developed within the Summer School initiative. The Scientific Committee is assisted by a Didactic council playing a role in terms of the organisation, proposals and development of didactic activities.

At the end of the course, 2 study grants will be awarded to fund 2 traineeships at the European Parliament. The course attendance is free of cost, but subject to the application submitted following a public call for candidates and the ensuring assessment of CVs. 30 selected participants will be asked to contribute with an enrollment fee of €150.

2020 edition

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