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All project activities are based on a continuous cooperation among experts of different disciplines

All project activities are based on a continuous cooperation among experts of different disciplines: experts on gender equality and gender-based violence, educators, psychologists, evaluators, experts in new media and social networks, experts in youth policies. They combine their know-how and skills in order to tackle the many facets of the same problem: how to prevent, among young people, possible episodes of physical/psychological violence against women, encouraged by new technologies.

The project includes different phases: a preparatory phase, during which the partners discuss, set, test and refine the training tools to be used in pilot actions; an implementation phase (training sessions in 4 different countries); an evaluation phase assessing the impact of pilot actions and preceding the communication phase, during which partners will be asked to disseminate the project results.

The strengths of the LOG IN methodology are:

  • the use of peer education, successfully tested in “Perspective", the previous City of Modena Daphne project. UNESCO defines peer education "the commitment of persons belonging to a particular group in order to facilitate changes in the same group." The training package addressed to youths includes, beside a traditional training activity carried out by experts, activities of peer education (implemented both vis-à-vis and through social networks) during which some trainees will become trainers of other students;
  • the exploitation of new technologies both during the training phase (peer education through social networks) and dissemination phase, when students will be asked to produce videos and other creative products in order to amplify the impact of the action.


This approach makes the training action more responsive to the needs and communication styles of young people and it encourages an active participation and the assumption of responsibility by youths.