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Consulting for local public bodies

Since 1999 the City of Modena carries out orientation, consulting and technical assistance activities for other public bodies in the field of European affairs: organization of European Offices, European funds, project management, initiatives to promote active European citizenship.

The aim of the City of Modena is to enable other local authorities to dialogue and work with the European Union.

Technical assistance is realized in activation of personalized agreements according to local public bodies needs and which include issues such as:

  • analysis of institution's objectives in relation to European issues and verification of the correspondence objectives and resources;

  • technical assistance to the organization and the start up of a Bureau of European Affairs, with particular attention paid to the training and preparation of dedicated officers;

  • awareness interventions for the benefit of municipal administrators (including the presentation of the experience of the City of Modena, concluded activities and the results achieved, the explanation of benefits arising to local authorities who decide to dialogue with European institutions);

  • training and awareness activities for local administrators, managers and officers on priority interest issues, such as for example various EU funding opportunities; methodology for the construction of a quality European project; main European funding programmes of interest to local authorities, ...

  • technical assistance for the development of an application to the European Commission;

  • technical assistance for setting up and carrying out activities related to active European citizenship.

The City of Modena does not carry out EU project management activities for other public bodies.

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