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Priority axis 5 of Emilia-Romagna Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020: new seat of Teatro delle Passioni and Fondazione Emilia-Romagna Teatro

Priority axis 5 of Emilia-Romagna Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is focused on the theme “Development of artistic, cultural and environmental resources”. Goals foresee in the frame of this axis are:

- the protection and the development of natural heritage and the improvement of its fruition, through the use of innovative technologies;

- the protection and the development of cultural and artistic heritage in the areas previously identified as major centres of tourist attraction and the improvement of its fruition, through the use of innovative technologies;

- integrated promotion of tourist destinations.


In particular, on axis 5 Investment priority 6C, the City of Modena received funds from two actions:

- Action 6.7.1, aiming at developing the cultural heritage attractive factors as lever for interested territories development and for tourist system competitiveness. In this context, City of Modena has upgraded a protected building, the former ENEL plant, located in the ex AMCM, an area of Modena interested by an overall recovery plan. The objective is twofold:

1) retrieve a building that is one of the few intact city historical industrial architecture example;

2) strengthening the local vocation for performing arts.

In the retrained building Emilia-Romagna Teatro Fondazione, one of the most important Italian prose production centres, will have its seat and it will have the availability of two new showrooms, a guesthouse, areas for catering and aggregation, offices and other services. The intervention, first part of a larger recovery project of the former ENEL plant, will contribute not only to the revitalization of the area, but also to the increase of flows of tourists and cultural events users attracted by this new “city of culture”.

- action 6.7.2, aiming at knowledge dissemination and at the promotion of cultural, material and immaterial heritage fruition, through service creation and/or innovative systems and the use of advanced technologies. The action wants to encourage promotional activities, in order to enhance cultural attractions targeted by the project, through the develop of strategic marketing activities and integrating the organization of events and the use of new ICT technologies.


Funding bodies

European Commission, Italian Government, Emilia-Romagna Region 

Source of funding

Emilia-Romagna Regional Operational Programme ERDF 2014-2020 – Priority axis 5 – Investment priority 6C - Actions 6.7.1 e 6.7.2


City of Modena