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Call for candidates is open!

Apply now for the 6th edition of the Summer school Renzo Imbeni Application deadline: May 11th 2020

Call for candidates 


Application form



This call is open to citizens of the European Union as well as to citizens from a EU candidate country, with a Master degree or equivalent qualification earned no more than 36 months before the expiry date of the present call, obtained in a University of a EU member State or EU candidate country.

Candidates must have a degree, as defined above, in economics, law, political science and literary humanities, with classes including courses in at least one of the following areas: European Union law and/or international law; languages and cultures of the countries of the European Union; history and/or economics of European integration.

In compliance with Art.101 of the Decree Law n. 18/2020 (so-called Cura Italia), which extends the date of the last session of the final tests for the achievement of the degree for the academic year 2018/2019 to June 15, 2020, the deadline for the achievement of the degree for the admission to the Summer school Renzo Imbeni (art.2 of the Selection Notice) is extended to the same term.

Candidates must have a level of knowledge of Italian and English language equal to or above level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages defined by the Council of Europe.

The requirements, when not otherwise specified, shall be met at the expiry date of this call.

The Scientific Committee nominated by act of the City of Modena n.101/2020 will perform the assessment of the above-mentioned requirements.


To be eligible for the selection, candidates must:

1. fill out the official application form;

2. attach a copy of a currently valid identity document;

3. attach a curriculum vitae, exclusively in EU standard format1, duly signed and dated;

4. attach a cover letter (maximum 2,000 characters) to be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.

Failure to submit - or incomplete filling out of - any of the documents listed above will automatically lead to exclusion from the selection procedure.

According to the Italian law (D.P.R.445/2000), the selection committee may carry out appropriate controls of any document provided.


Comune di Modena - Ufficio Progetti europei, relazioni internazionali e coordinamento progetti complessi

Summer School Renzo Imbeni

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